Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

               Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. May the love flow! Maybe it’s nice because we at least try to show care and allow petty arguments to slip by because . . . it’s St. Valentine’s Day!
                And we’re honoring someone (or several someone’s; history is dicey) who truly did what he could for love.
                Legend goes that evil Claudius II of Rome believed that soldiers fought better when they didn’t have wives, and therefore, he put a ban on marriage. Valentine was a priest—a no-no in the eyes of Claudius from the get-go. But Valentine believed in the love and the sanctity of marriage. He was said to have done good deeds akin to miracles and he was known to welcome young lovers for clandestine marriages in his church—perhaps down in the catacombs? Who knows where this was, but those who believed in love came to him. Claudius got his hands on Valentine and blinded him; Valentine merely tried to teach Claudius the goodness of Christianity. Claudius wasn’t to be taught and so, despite the fact that he was beloved by so many, Valentine was executed.
                One version of the story has it that Valentine performed a wedding for the daughter of his jailer. Before his execution, he wrote her a note and signed it, “Your Valentine.”
                In the age of Chaucer, when romance and high gallantry flourished, Valentine was honored.
                It’s a feast day for some Christians while others honor a few other men named Valentine on different days in various parts of the world.
                Who knows exactly what is truth? But, remember, Valentine died for love, not particularly his love, but so that others could be together.
                So—with the help of Hallmark and others—we honor the memory of the man (or the several men named Valentine) who gave his life for the beauty of love—in its many guises.
                So, okay, I already ranted. And, true, the economy always needs a boost and little things can mean so much. So I say pick up some flowers, candy, or whatever. But, maybe, if you are in love and you’re loved in return, think about those who might have lost someone or just not know the wonders of love on St. Valentine’s Day.
Know a widow down the street? Or, do you have a friend who has had a bad split up? Since you have your love and she/he has you, why not take the flowers and candy down to the person who is alone . . . and needs a little tender care and thought from others?
                There’s nothing wrong about honoring one of our finest human emotions—love!

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