Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cat people versus dog people

I love animals. Obviously, I have four of them, and a number of other creatures have passed through my home on the way to better places (if you've ever seen this place, you know that's true!) No one seems to have anything much against a skunk--just not too many people have them, so Chloe doesn't come into the discussion.

As to the cats and the dogs. I have had, do have, both, and I love both. I admit, however, to being slightly partial to dogs. I don't know why.

Now, people who are cat people will tell you that they are more intelligent. That may be true. Except that I can actually see my cairn's mind working at times; he looks at me, knows exactly what I'm saying, and chooses to do what he wants anyway. The cat may know that I'm speaking to him--or about him--but if was really intelligent enough to know what was being said, he'd change his ways. We're talking about declawing him.

Nikki, the husky. Well, all right. She is not the sharpest tack in the drawer, knife in the rack, etcetera. She sings, and she slobbers, and she knocks down everything, creature, or person around her with her tail. She's a clunky lover, demanding attention. I don't know how she could have ever possibly been a sled dog--I know that the concept of team work does not come to her at all. She's highly jealous. Maybe she is smarter than she pretends. Maybe. Doubtful. She's like a little kid. Sweet, demanding, but with that kind of absolute love and devotion that she'll always hold that place in my heart. She loves me. She really loves me. Okay, so she loves lots of people. That's okay--I could have been a sled dog. I think I am a team player. Naturally, I like to be one of the lead dogs, but hey, I don't think I'd nip or growl or anything.

The cairn barks like crazy. He will stand up to a Rottweiller. Okay, not so smart. He actually gets a terrible look of humiliation in his eyes when I pick him up. So he may have psychological problem where he thinks he's Great Dane and therefore can stand up to a Rottweiller. He wants to be with you; he just doesn't want you slobbering all over him.

The pets are like children, each with their own personality.

We had Cougar many years ago. He lived to a ripe old age and died in the kids' arms. I loved that cat. He withstood five little people growing up. Bryee put him in doll clothing, stuck him in a doll carriage, and he never bit or scratched, not once. He was the most incredible cat in the world. He was a beige Persian. Next, we had a black Persian. His name was supposed to be Ichabod or Salem or something with a little sophistication. We wound up calling him Tubbs. He was big and . . . tubby. It took me a while. He had attitude. He'd sit somewhere and wait his chance, and when someone least expected it, he'd take a whack at their head. Not to hurt. In the middle of a few horror movies in a darkened room, he managed to bring about quite a few screams. We were stunned when we lost him; he was far too young and died from some kind of internal bleeding--we never found out exactly how or why, though the vet tried.

Now we have Snowy Chloe, Toto--the cairn with the incredibly original name, Nikki, the Siberian husky, and Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy is a bengal. If you're thinking about getting one, be warned. That bit of Asian jungle cat is definitely still in them. He is a lover. He wants to play. When you play, you wind up with teeth marks to the kills and scartch marks that make it look as if you met with a an eight hundred pound lion. He's just a year; he's calming down, but he is a handful.

He's a pain. He scares me to death because he'll hang from the chandelier, he'll suddenly hit me from on top of the refrigerator, and he's continually running the printer by pressing different buttons.

Then he'll find a way to crawl on my lap when there's no room just because he wants to be close to me.

We need the husky, who is eight but thinks she still a puppy, to play with him. They work well together, having enough energy between them to light have the city, could we only harness it.

I think I'm a dog person. But I sure do love cats as well.

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